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Positive Pulse Electrix has a dedicated maintenance team whose prime focus is ensuring ongoing service satisfaction and functionality. Comprehensive job documentation is an integral part of our workflow. Our digital workflow allows our team to capture works undertaken and maintain site data. Our project management software also provides us with clear material tracking capabilities, allowing us to see what parts are being awaited for job completion and for complete transparency when billing.


Our cloud-based project management software allows our staff to access past history of any site previously worked on, providing them with up-to-date information on assets, ongoing upgrades and maintenance schedules. With professional services, any electrical emergency will be dealt with swiftly and safely.


The digital workflow our team follows includes material management; labour hours, photographic documentation and SWMS reporting. This documentation serves as quality control evidence to ensure we are always maintaining the highest level of quality possible. We maintain safe working environments through the active use of SWMS before every job, with our employees identifying and selecting hazards based on the works to be completed.

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