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Our suitability to infrastructure works is enhanced by our ability to tailor and schedule our work force to suit the workload and timeframe of any prospective project. With our project management software we are able to track and maintain individual jobs within a larger project for detailed invoicing. Using real-time project management software out in the field, which synchronizes with office and administration software. We are able to collate up to date information on all projects at all times. Documentation including SWMS, photographic evidence, and asset management and testing occurs in the field as the work progresses without hindering efficiency. Our digital workflow allows our team to capture works undertaken and maintain site data.

Our teams are required to assess and select specific site hazards within our SWMS, ensuring they are actively acknowledging their OHS responsibilities, prior to commencing works as part of our dedication to occupational health and safety. Being committed to OH&S and employee safety and welfare, we employ the services of Employsure as a third party company responsible for human resources and occupational health and safety advice. To keep our practices and documentation compliant we have a full time, in house, certificate IV qualified person to manage our OH&S. This allows us the flexibility of continually evolving to meet new standards and tailor our safety practices to suit any new project.

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